Extra-Curricular Activities:

At DPS Mahendrahills, we believe in the holistic development of our students. Alongside their academic pursuits, we offer a diverse range of extra-curricular activities such as sports, arts, music, dance, and more. These activities foster creativity, teamwork, leadership, and personal growth, ensuring our students become well-rounded individuals.


Philosophy of education

Our primary aim at Delhi Public School, the top schools in Hyderabad, is to instill values like integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance, and compassion in the students helping them to become a meaningful part of their environment.

We strongly believe that all students have the potential to be successful learners and there is no limit to what a child can achieve. Each child has a different learning style. Thus, we incorporate the Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner when planning our curriculum. Our curriculum keeps evolving to incorporate the latest learning techniques. We have a highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff with a wide range of skills and interests which gives shape to this and provides a very enriching environment.


Our Distinctiveness

  • Small Class Sizes – 25 students in pre-primary and 28-32 in primary class ensures each student gets personal attention and achieves their best possible.
  • Outstanding Faculty – Teachers are the schools’ greatest resource. The staff at DPS is not only highly qualified but regularly undergoes professional development not only to keep themselves updated with the latest but also to enhance their skills.
  • A love for Learning – At DPS, top schools in Hyderabad, by putting the students at the center of the learning process, we inspire in them a love of lifelong learning. The learners are challenged to achieve things that they never thought possible.
  • Aspiration for all – At DPS we believe that a child can do amazing things and we make this potential a reality. Both inside and outside the classroom, we offer varied opportunities to the child and help them gain confidence in whichever area they discover their interest. Recognizing their achievements helps in building their self-esteem.
  • Leadership Opportunities – At all levels of schooling, children are given leadership opportunities that help them develop self-confidence, academic excellence and a strong sense of community spirit.
  • Outstanding Site – We are fortunate to have a site at Airport, top schools in Hyderabad, amidst the lush green serene surrounding with the state of art facilities catering to a diverse community of students.

External Exams

The school encourages the learners to participate in External exams like NCO, NSO, IEO, UCO and many more which motivates the students to strive for a better and deeper understanding of different subjects. The students are enriched through special coaching by trained faculty. Every year a large number of students appear for different subject Olympiads. Many of them secure state ranks.


English Speaking Skills

A plethora of accentuation is given on the development of LSR skills in Pre Primary and Primary level which avails in enhancing efficacious communication. A variety of activities are integrated into our curriculum to make very advanced across the year to augment these right from imagery drawing, reading & recitation to elocutions, storytelling, phonemes, theater, debates, interviews, street plays, and many more. We provide a platform as we believe in “Catching them young” to exhibit their aptitudes through Olympiad external exams, Spell Bee Competitions, Inter-School Competitions, School Magazine, Puerile Writers club, Dramatics club, and Book Doters Club. An enriched library having a wide genre of books, reading cards, sight words and word for the day help inculcate a love for the language.


Soft Skills

For students to be successful in school and beyond, importance is given to the holistic development of the child. Apart from academics, the children are taught interpersonal skills, social etiquettes, communication, personal habits, and leadership skills which will help them in becoming successful citizens of the world. The importance is given to values like honesty, respect and caring which the students learn through different activities and programs like “Share and Care” week, teamwork during projects, inter-house and inter-school competitions. Different opportunities are given to the students through assemblies, helping in organizing events, participating in Annual Days, Graduation Days, exhibitions and other programs. Also, students are guided to overcome their shortfalls through positive critiquing.


Leadership Skills

The strength of DPS Mahendra Hills, top schools in Hyderabad, lies in empowering our students and preparing them by investing in leadership responsibilities from a very adolescent age. Student leaders are at different levels with specific responsibilities as early as 5 years of age. Each class has a Class Monitor, a DPS Charger and a Green Crusader. There is a Prefect Council that is elected through a democratic process of free and fair elections by Online voting. Senior-most class in the school surmounts the running of the school (teaching and Admin) on Teachers Day. During school events like annual/Sports day, Annual Play, to name a few, students are involved in all stages of preparation (planning to organize and conducting).



Value education is not only part of the curriculum but is an integral part of the school. Right from class Pre Nursery onwards, the values of honesty, respect, caring, and cleanliness are instilled in the students. Towards this, different classes perform Street plays bring out different values to the general public. The Helping Hand Project gives different opportunities to the students to help them to develop a respect for different cultures and society. They have gone on Heritage walks, Langer Seva, had Garage Sales and many other activities which imbibe the value of Service Before Self. During birthdays children are encouraged to donate saplings to the school instead of bringing chocolates. The Teachers and Children have taken a pledge that each one will plant a tree and take care of it.


Community Service

Our motto is ‘Service before self’ and all our endeavors are towards staying true to our motto. ‘Joy of Giving’ week has the whole school amassing raw food items, apparel or stationery and taking it across to the less fortuitous. The students intermingle with the inmates which helps them get an insight into their lives sensitizing them to the underprivileged. To inculcate the importance of a clean environment, the whole school participates in “Swatch DPS” where all students and staff help clean their classrooms. The DPS Chargers help in spreading the message of saving water and electricity. The Green Crusaders help promote the recycling of paper. The ‘Care and Share’ week helps in building comradeship by not only helping friends but also doing good deeds for relatives or strangers and coming and sharing with all during the school assembly.



Our school being top schools in Hyderabad, has been awarded the international school award by the British Council. We have worked on 7 projects across Nacharam and Airport and the schools were collaborating with schools in Japan, Thailand, and Columbia. Airport students were working on two of the projects. Class III and IV are working on “TRAVELOGUE OF CALENDAR” and Class V and VI are working on the project Vertical Food Scaping. The CEE projects started last year and have different projects for different groups. Last year students of class V worked on FOOD SUSTAINABILITY and this year Class VI is working on SWAACHGRAHA.