Lab Facilities

Math Lab :

Math is an abstract subject and activities with concrete materials are important in climbing up the steps of abstraction. Math laboratory at DPS Mahendra Hills provides students an opportunity to understand and internalize the basic math concepts through concrete objects and situations. In DPS math lab, the child is placed in problem solving situation through self exploration and discovery. It encourages students to think, discuss and assimilate the concepts in play way and effective manner through activities, puzzles and games.

Math lab

Social Studies Lab:

The Social studies lab at DPS Mahendra hills is fully equipped with 3D models, Globes, Maps and Books. What is unique about the lab are the activities such as mapping, drawing diagrams, timeline, group discussions historical role play that the students undertake so as to understand the subject better.

Language Lab:

The language lab at DPS is technological break for imparting language skills in Students. The language lab at MH offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient language learning methods like listening skills through interactive learning environment.

Students in English Lab

English Lab:

The English Lab at DPS Mahendra hills is equipped with an array of multimedia equipments and innovative software aimed to enhance children’s listening and speaking skills needed in this emerging global environment, the aim of this lab is to provide efficient learning and a variety in the teaching learning process at the school.

Science lab:

Science teaching at DPS Mahendra Hills is complimented by a well equipped science laboratory. The laboratory consists of specimens and required apparatus. Laboratory teaching gives first-hand experience in observation and manipulation of the materials of science, by gathering the data through the experiments the understanding of scientific concepts are enforced efficiently in the students.

Our Sci lab

Extra Marks Lab:

Extra marks lab is an excellent audio visual class which is extensively used by every subject teacher to reinforce and recapitulate the concepts. This lab class helps the students to internalize the concept through audio and visual aids thereby giving a concrete concept understanding. Teachers use this lab for showing subject relevant CD’s or videos to give better understanding of the concepts.

Digital Classrooms:

Each classroom is provided with Overhead projectors (OHP). This provides an excellent audio visual classroom learning,teaching,which is extensively used by every subject teacher to reinforce and recapitulate the concepts. This helps the students to internalize the concept through audio and visual aids thereby giving a concrete understanding.

School Library facilities

Our school library serves as learner-oriented laboratory which supports, extends and individualize the school’s curriculum. Over the last academic year (2014-2015) our school focused on various areas of improvement through activities like Noun, Verb ,Adjective hunt from story extracts ,short poem writing with help of rhyming words ,writing imaginative stories ,visual representation of stories ,reading sessions from Graded Level Books for slow learners and so on.

Students in Library

Keeping pace with Technology

As we prepare students for a world where the only constant is change, where the future is more uncertain than ever before, it becomes imperative that we equip ourselves with critical, logical, analytical and computational thinking skills.

With a revolutionary growth in technology, there is something new to learn every day for students who want to excel in this competitive world. We, at DPS provide our students with latest tools and technologies, to make them prepared for this competitive world. To incorporate latest technology into our curriculum. We Provide

Computers labs – enhance learning
Projectors – e-Learning
Computer in class room- Digital curriculum
Tabs for teachers – to incorporate ICT Leaning

Students in Computer Lab