Headmistress of DPS Mahendra Hills

Welcome to Delhi Public School, Mahendra Hills, an abode of learning with a purpose to bring out the best in every student; and help them approach life with confidence, curiosity, and compassion for others. We have a long-established reputation for success based on high standards with an outstanding repute for high-quality holistic education over many years. We strengthen the foundations of our future citizens with the bulwark of our Indian culture and tradition but teach them to embrace progressive changes with an open, yet, discerning mind. Keeping abreast of the present day competitive scenario, we, DPS Mahendra Hills, the Best Schools in Hyderabad, prepare our students not only in the field of academics but additionally imbibe in them the ethical and moral values of our society. We mold our learners first as convivial beings and then as scholars under the leadership of Headmistress.

We have a pre-designed curriculum keeping in mind the present-day requirements focusing on concept-based teaching and inquiry-based learning, with IT as the pivotal tool in the teaching-learning process.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in partnership with parents, teachers, and students and work with cohesion and transparency to develop and nurture a center of excellence. We believe in establishing and maintaining healthy, caring and respectful bonds. Our ethos allows the school staff to work in unison with supportive and aspirational parents in focusing upon the needs of our stalwarts and ensure that all the students develop self-confidence, self-respect, and resilience. We always focus on child-centered teaching approaches and methodologies to meet the particular needs of the students.

We always encourage our students to understand that they are all individuals with unique talents and potential and seek to develop independent learners, who are curious to learn and have the burning desire to explore and ask questions and develop a range of essential thinking skills, knowledge of critical concepts and an aptitude for learning continuously. We engage our students in various environmental issues that help them to become socially and internationally aware and challenging them to think on a wider perspective as global citizens. We endeavor to inculcate in our pupil’s values of empathy, responsibility, humility and the passion to believe in their dreams, which gives them wings to explore the unexplored.

Neetu Gupta
Delhi Public School Secunderabad