The Primary years are very important in a child’s development. We believe in the child centric approach with a powerful emphasis on inquiry based learning , arousing their intellectual curiosity which helps in making a connection between the “known” and what has been learned .We at DPS believe that at the primary level, we must inculcate in the students a life- long love for learning and a sense of responsible citizenship.

The second language offered is Hindi or Telugu. From class V onwards third languages offered are Telugu, Hindi or French. Computer learning starts right from Class I to Class VII.

A lot of emphasis is given on the development of LSR(Listening ,speaking, Reading) skills in Pre Primary and Primary level which helps in enhancing effective communication. A variety of activities are integrated in the curriculum across the year to augment these. Special emphasis is laid on interpersonal skills,  social etiquettes, personal habits and leadership skills.These are incorporated in regular teaching to enable the learners to  become successful citizens of the world.

Value education is not only part of the curriculum but is an integral part of the school. Right from class Pre Nursery onwards, the values of honesty, respect, caring and cleanliness are instilled in the students.

To inculcate a sense of belonging and serve their part in protection of our environment; children are encouraged to donate saplings to the school instead of bringing chocolates on their birthdays. The school also boasts of its clubs where children are given a chance to dig deeper into their talents. The students are divided into four houses – Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz. The students are given an opportunity to explore their talents by actively participating in various competitions.

The school conducts various external examinations to provide students an insight to their academic performance at various state and national levels.