DPS Principal

“Education is of two types. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.”– John Adams

Education is undergoing this very transition in today’s time wherein the ultimate goal of schools is to mold and create equipoised human beings besides equipping them with the required skills and tools to make their place in the society.

There has thus been a paradigm shift from ‘planning percentile success’ to ‘planning pursuit of excellence’ in whatever you do.

Schools today have thus revisited their vision to pursue excellence to prepare students of today who would be worthy citizens, 20 years hence.

‘Excellence’ is the catchword, is soon becoming the mantra of this generation who are working towards it with never seen before zeal aided by the ever-changing software interventions.

Nowadays, given the heterogeneous nature of the classroom, the need of the hour is not catering to the entire class as one sample group but reach out to each individual through differentiated ordinant dictation method so that each child can receive and work towards achieving excellence as per their innate strengths and faculties Differentiated Instruction, Integrated and thematic approach to learning, experiential learning, and international/global exchange programmes have opened up myriad vistas/windows of opportunities and choices to today’s children, helping them in their pursuit towards excellence.

“The direction in which education starts a man, will determine his future in life,” says Plato…
‘Catch them Young’ is the tag line towards achieving the vision of this great philosopher. Schooling years is thus the right platform for building the foundation for education to ignite, fuel the interests and choices in students. Setting up of work habits, in the very early years of education is yet another vital component of this process as these are not innate qualities but acquired skills which need to be nurtured. The school almanac is one such tool through which this can be achieved as it stands as a true testimony of adhering to set procedures, deadlines, and discipline in achieving targets.

In our strive to address the role of technology in the teaching-learning process and school management systems, being the Principal, DPS is offering online teaching/doubt clarification classes, online content and online assessments for paced learning, e-communication to parents through SMS, email, google accounts and mobile apps.

“Always in the pursuit of excellence…….

Sunitha S. Rao
Delhi Public School
Nacharam | Mahendra Hills