Special Educators

Our Academic support department extends a lot of support to the students with specific learning needs; be it reading, learning, approach to learning or revisiting and strengthening basic concepts. We also recognize the importance of including students, parents, class teachers and special educators in a collaborative process for the delivery of special services.

  • Planning, organizing and assigning activities based on the need of the child.
  • Enhance the attention and concentration through various activities.
  • Individual follows up with class teachers keeping the objective of the session based on the current level of the specific child.
  • Constantly tracking student progress.
  • Discuss students’ progress with counselors, class teachers and parents.
  • Arrange PTM’s for parents.
  • Teachers were sensitized individually by giving appointments.
  • Various strategies for teachers to handle students with reading, writing, and behavioral issues.
  • Individual Home-based intervention strategies were discussed with parents based on the needs of the child.
  • Rendering support to CWSN during an exam.
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Just because they are unique
They aren’t crazy, they aren’t stupid
They aren’t always hyper, they aren’t always upset
Just because they are different
Animation is just not the only thing on their mind
They don’t always get A’s, they dance to a different drum
They don’t fit with guts and grit, they are with mischievous streaks
They are special just like us, they can take the things they do
And learn from the best they can, make difference with whom they are
they are happy kids most of the time and smile at everyone they can find
Who are we to determine the standard of uniqueness,
While each of us is God’s creativity, authentically made by His hands?
For when they have grown, as history’s shown,
It’s their difference that makes them unique
We are blessed that we have been chosen
To help these kids learn and grow.
the joy that these kids get us
is more than you can know.

These kids are precious gift from heaven, a real treasure from above
These are the kids who are ‘Just Unique’, Who teach us many things

But most of all ‘Real Love’

Special Educators
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